Isabelle Navarette

Master wielder of both spell and rapier.


She stands before you, a vision in a blue dress. Her long, thick fiery red hair hangs past her shoulders, partially covering one eye. Beneath her left eye is a tattoo of three teardrops, but by her demeanor you would not imagine her to be sad. On her right wrist is a bracelet that resembles a black rose with what appears to be thorny vines wrapping upward nearly to her elbow.


Isabelle’s life has been a one of ups and downs. She was born to Jessica Navarette, a servant of Jethro Verthe. Isabelle learned at a young age how to create illusions, drawing upon her innate magical talent. During her childhood she developed this talent, honing her skill to the point that she was even able to fool Jethro, a very powerful wizard, with her illusions. She also developed the skill of remaining unseen and unheard, making herself a very talented thief.

Unfortunately for Isabelle, her mother died shortly after her 16th birthday. Jethro had been somewhat like a father to Isabelle, but after the funeral Isabelle decided to leave for Ravnica and make her own way in the world. It was there that she realized that the world demands much of a person, and gives barely anything in return.

After a few successful independent dealings went bad on her, she realized that she needed someone powerful backing her. It was then that she decided to join the Izzet League, knowing that Jethro had, at least at one time, been not only a member, but a high-ranking one at that. The Izzet accepted her with open arms, and she quickly rose through the ranks, attaining the rank of Master after serving Niv-Mizzet for only 5 years. Her diverse and powerful skillset and ability to think on her feet and improvise have earned her a reputation as one who can get the job done.

Among the legends of Ravnica, Isabelle is just as well known as Tibor and Lumia, the champions of the Izzet league, and nearly as well known as Niv-Mizzet himself.

Isabelle Navarette

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