Jethro Verthe

This man is more than what he seems..


A very old gentleman, Jethro seems to be nothing more than the owner and operator of the general store in the farming community of Delmond. Though old, he seems very lively, his white hair going every which way, seeming like a confused snowball exploded on the back of his head. He keeps himself freshly shaven, and generally sits behind his workbench, devising and testing his spare time away haplessly. The robes covering his spindly frame show a pattern of reds and blues, and his works mirror this color scheme. For some reason, you feel like there is a lot more to this man than what you see.


Jethro is perhaps the most powerful wizard in the land. He still holds the title of Wizard of the First Order, or First Wizard, within the city of Ravnica. The former champion of the Izzet league, he has retired and given up that life for a more quiet life in the countryside farming town of Delmond. He retains his ties with Niv-Mizzet however, and can still be called upon should his supreme skill with magic be required.

For many years Jethro had a servant woman by the name of Jessica Navarette. Jessica was a wonderful servant, and when she gave birth to a daughter, Isabelle, Jethro nearly adopted the little girl, since Isabelle’s father decided the farming life was not for him. Though he would never admit it, even between his obsessions over his projects, Jethro would give anything in the world to ensure Isabelle’s safety, to include his own life.

Jethro Verthe

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