Razia, Boros Archangel

An angel with a fiery sword. Sounds familiar...


This angel doesn’t even attempt to hide what she is, and why should she? Her golden hair flows from her head almost as if it were a river of the precious metal. Her face is the perfect embodyment of the beauty that awaits the good people in the afterlife, and her wings are covered in feathers as white as freshly fallen snow. She wears a breastplate and bears a flaming greatsword, both with the symbol of a cross etched into the side, nobody knows why.


One of the four original guild founders still living, the immortal archangel Razia is known for her fairness, but her ruthlessness toward those who commit crimes with evil intent. She is the leader of the Boros legion, a group of men and women that makes up both the Ravnica police force (known as the Wojek), and the defensive forces. An angel of battle herself, she leaves most of the policework to Agros Koss, the captain of the Wojek, and an avid street cop.

Razia makes no misstatements about her position on any issue. She despises lies, though acknowledging that they can sometimes be useful. The same goes for spying and thievery.

Of all the guilds in Ravnica, Razia hates most House Dimir and the Rakdos clan; in her opinion neither of them should have existed, and both need to leave.

Razia, Boros Archangel

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